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      山東漢氏磨料磨具有限公司,成立于1993年,我公司位于素有“中國廚都”之稱和“江北白鐵市場”之稱的山東博興,交通便利、環境優美。我公司自成立以來,一直致力于研究、開發、生產各類磨料、磨具。我公司的主要產品有:砂布、水砂、干磨砂紙、紙帶、布帶、白潔布系列及其異型產品。公司經過十幾年的努力,在競爭激烈的市場中,以其過硬的產品品質、良好的信譽,在業內界贏得了好評。質量是企業的生命,我們不斷的引進先進的技術人才,加強企業的內部管理,注重企業員工素質的提升,這使我們的產品質量有了根本的保障?!罢\信為本,”是我們堅定不移的理念,滿足客戶的不同要求是我們的職責,為廣大客戶服務。 “業精于勤,荒于嬉”我們將不斷的充實自己,以質更優、價更廉的產品,來回報廣大的新老客戶。

      Shandong HANS Abrasives CO., Ltd., which was founded in 1993, My company is at where is known as "kitchen China " and the "iron Jiangbei largest market," which was in Shandong Boxing that is transport facilities, beautiful environment. Our company since its inception, has been devoted to the research, development and production of all kinds of abrasive, abrasive. My company's principal products are : emery cloth, water sand, dry sanding paper, ribbons, cloth belt, "Bai Jie series" and its isoforms cloth products. After 10 years of efforts, " Chinese lions ," " HANS " " JIANGSHAN " depending on excellent product quality, good reputation, the industry sector has won great acclaim. At home and abroad as abrasive, abrasive industry brand names. Quality is the life, we keep introducing advanced technology professionals and strengthening the internal management of enterprises, oriented enterprises to upgrade the quality of the staff, which makes our product quality with basic protection, " based on honesty, Quality First "is our firm ideas to meet the different requirements of customers is our duty. We will be high-quality products, high-quality service for the majority of customer service. "Excellence in service, and play in the wasteland" We will continuously enrich themselves, better quality, cheaper price of the products, to return the majority of the new and old customers.





      電話:0543-2854648 2854639

      傳真:0543-2854637 2854633